Who? and where?

Hi, I’m Francis, I’m 28 y.o and I’m from Corsica, France -You know the island of Napoleon in the Mediterranean Sea.

My background?

I studied English/American literature and history and I have a Master of Education in ESL (English as Second Language).

What’s my job?

As I told you I have a Master of Education so I worked as a substitute English Teacher for some time but as you know France is a little bit strange and you can have a Master of Ed. and teach but you’re not an official teacher so you are less paid. In order to be a “true official” teacher -and being more paid, in France you are required to pass a competitive test called “CAPES” sadly I took it twice but I failed because I have dysorthographia -it was a pain in the *** as a student but I was able to get over my dysorthographia and get my Master degree.
Now I’m working as a Student Monitor in the boarding school of the High School I went. I love it! I’m lucky to have one of the best quality, adaptability, I can adapt to and fit in various job positions and learn things very quickly.

My hobbies?

I love traveling, computers and tech, movies, TV shows -but I hate TV one day I’ll explain it. I also love cooking, learning new stuff, you’ll see…

Speaking of computer and tech…

My computer is an Apple MacBook Pro 15″ with a TouchBar from 2016. It’s the top-end model with an Intel Core i7 @ 2.9GHz with 16GB of LPDDR3 and with an AMD Radeon Pro 460 and with 2TB of SSD storage. Why you’ll ask, just because I can, no seriously it’s because I keep my laptops at least 5 to 6 years and I want something reliable and that last. In the past, I was a PC user but I was tired of spending my time troubleshooting my computer for x or y reasons where I could use this time for other things.
I have an iPhone 7 Plus 32GB in Silver. I don’t need more space since I don’t have any videos and I don’t keep with me a lot of music. Also, I transfer on my MacBook Pro all photos and videos I took. I always had an iPhone since the iPhone 2G. Before that, I have various brands and models.

What’s about the other tech pieces I’m using?

I let you discover it through the next posts and thanks to the “About” page 😉