Since the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released the headphone jack disappeared and we were left with the lightning connector. Apple gives us a lightning adaptor to connect our headphones but let’s be honest it’s ugly and you can easily loose it! The other solution is to use the EarPods with Lightning Connector shipped with your iPhone. But if you’re like me and can’t fit them in your ears the only wired solution left is to buy another lightning headphone.
Back in Septembre, 2016 I found this pair of lightning in-ear headphones on Amazon UK: the SHARKK Lightning Headphones, unavailable a the moment but available on Amazon US and also on the manufacturer website.

General remarks

At first, the headphones feels like good quality. The silicone ear caps are nice and soft to the touch. It’s hard to pull them out of the earbuds and it’s a good thing like that the caps won’t be stuck in your ear canal. Three sizes are available Large, Medium, and Small. I personally choose the large one because it gives a better noise isolation. Also when you lay your head on a cushion (side way) thanks to the small size of the headphone it won’t hurt like the Apple In-Ear.

SHARKK Lightning Headphones

I like the color it is a nice electric blue and the material chosen by Sharkk, the aluminum gives a good looking finish. The flat cable is supposed to be “less likely to break/tear and more durable” but I don’t really have this feeling. Maybe I’m wrong but the thinness of the cable and the way it goes inside the lightning connector and in the earbud without any kind of extra sleeve protection at these location makes me think it’s gonna get broken like the iPhone lightning cable is used to get…  -after one month of use, they didn’t get broken. But for sure even with this flat cable design, the cable get tangled up almost every time I put it out of my pocket and I wish they were shipped with a little case like Apple does or little bag made of fabric to put them in my pocket.

SHARKK Lightning Headphones Close-up

I’m a little bit disturb by the location of the remote. I’m used to the Apple In-ear that have the remote on the right earbud cable. Also, unlike the Apple in-ear, there is no microphone in the remote so you can’t use it for phone calls or to talk to Siri. But you can still answer your phone and summon Siri with the middle button which is also the play/pause button, it’s kinda odd, isn’t it?

About the packaging:

Just one thing, I hate all this black styrofoam! It makes it super hard to get the headphones out but at least they are well protected during shipment.


About the sound:

The bass is too present that makes the medium and the trebles shy and not very clear. On some songs, I use the EQ and set it to Bass Reducer because I know there is not that much bass. But if you’re listening to Rap, RnB or Electro music it might be a good choice and a good alternative to the overprices urBeats.

Specifications (given in the user manual):

Driver Diameter: 9mm (0.35in)
Frequency response: 20-20KHz
Impedance: 16ohms +-15%
Sensitivity: 95 (+-5dB)
Cord length: 1.3m +-15%


They coast $39.99 maybe the cheapest one you could find that features a lightning connector.

It’s a good deal if like me you’re looking for an alternative for the Apple EarPods that doesn’t fit your ears and the lake of lightning Apple In-Ear Headphones.

The sound quality is good for the price. Let’s be clear, they won’t sound anything like high-end quality headphones such as Audio-Technica or other brands like that and it’s not their goal. But for the price, you get a really good quality product for everyday use and for sports sessions. As advertised they are “easy to travel with and carry around” even if I repeat myself it’ll be better if they gave us a little pouch like for the BeatsX

Final thoughts:

Go for it and buy it especially if you don’t like using the lightning to jack adaptor or you can’t fit the Apple EarPods, it’s a good pair of lightning headphones and maybe one the best on the market but don’t forget you won’t get an accurate reproduction of the songs because of the bass amplification. So if you’re looking for a more balanced sound you might prefer to choose another pair of headphones. Maybe the BeatsX who are wireless, I’ll talk about them later after finishing testing them.