After almost one month of use, I can finally give you my opinion on the BeatsX. You are going to say what another review of in-ear headphones. Yes “Another one!” 😂😂😂

What is the BeatsX?

The BeatsX is a“wireless” pair of in-ear headphones. Not really wireless because there is this useful neckband, on which the batteries are located.

As I was saying in the review of the SHARKK Lightning Headphones Apple removed the headphones jack. And you guessed it I am -I should say I was, looking for the perfect alternative and here it is.
The BeatsX is available in gray, white, blue and black.
Already available on the Apple Store  you can also buy on AmazonFR and AmazonUS

BeatsXcolors My first thought while waiting for it.

Waiting for it, was long very long. And first, when Apple announced the BeatsX I was skeptical. Before I had two Beats products the “Beats Pro” back when Beats was sold by Monster and the iBeats. Both of them were a bad experience because they had way too much bass. So when Apple announced the BeatsX I was scared. But then, I thought: “Okay Apple bought Beats a couple years ago. They worked with Beats and maybe they improve the sound experience. The other similar Apple in-ear headphones are the Apple In-Ear so maybe they mixed the In-Ear with the AirPods, added some Apple magic powder and created the BeatsX” And I was right! The BeatsX is a great surprise!

The W1 chip

W1 Chip

With the Apple AirPods, the Beats Solo3 and PowerBeats³ it’s the fourth pair of headphones using the Apple W1 wireless chip. That means it’s easy and very fast to connect them to your iPhone and they are synced over your iCloud account with all your other Apple devices. You’re done with the long and old pairing process where you had to press a button then enter a code written in the manual that you lost and had to guess it “Is the code 0000 or 1234”.

With the BeatsX you hold the power button, a pop-up appears on you iPhone, hit the big “Connect” button, a little chime is playing on the BeatsX when the pairing process is done and you’re good to go!

The W1 chip maintains a Bluetooth Class 1 connection over 20 to 30 meters (66 to 98ft, according to Wikipedia’s article “Bluetooth Class 1 specifications”) and it takes advantage of the Bluetooth 4.2 technology available on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It gives you a longer battery life and a better sound quality.

Unlike the AirPods when you’re removing one speaker from your ears it doesn’t pause the music, it’s sad that Apple didn’t add it, maybe they wanted to keep this as an exclusive feature of the AirPods.

The battery life

The more noticeable thing about the BeatsX is how fast it is to charge it. You use the short lightning cable, connect it to the lightning connector and a full charge takes about 45 minutes, Apple said you’ll get 2 hours of listening just by charging it 5 minutes when the battery is low. Apple claims the battery can last “up to 8 hours”, in my test the battery lasted between 6 to 7 hours depending on how loud the music was and how far my device was also it automatically switches off when no music is playing for a while.

BeatsX Neckband and batteries

Using them everyday

They are very easy to use and as I told you it’s fast to connect them to your iPhone. The remote control is located on the left cable it requires a small time to get used to especially if you were used to the Apple In-Ear and EarPods where the remote is on the right side. But besides that everything is the same on the remote. There are 3 buttons and a microphone. If you long press the Play/pause button you can summon Siri when your phone is ringing you can answer it and when you’re done you can hang up. While listening to a music you double click it and it skips the song or triple-click to go to the previous song. The two other buttons are volume up and volume down.

BeatsX remote front

BeatsX remote back

No need to be scared to lose the BeatsX while using them like the AirPods because there is the neckband. It goes around your neck and you can hide it in the collar of your t-shirt.  I found out you can also wear the BeatsX without looping the band around your neck and letting it hanging down your chest. But by doing it you will fell a little pain in your ears because the hard plastic of the earbuds will push down your ear skin.Also when you’re done listening to your music just remove them from your ears and thanks to the magnet in the back of the earbuds they’ll stick together. Isn’t it dope!

BeatsX Earbuds stick together

I would advise you to don’t forget to turn-off the BeatsX to save your battery life even if it shutdowns automatically when no music is playing for a while.
If you don’t want to wear it around your neck when you’re not using it you can store it in the little black plastic pouch. The downside of this pouch it’s there is no way to close it and also you literally shovel the BeatsX inside. I say shovel it because I didn’t find a proper and clean way to put them inside. It feels like the pouch is too small and the neckband too solid to be bent -and I don’t wanna break it. In the packaging, you have 3 different sizes of caps one Small, one Medium, one Large to fit every ears and two different sized fins for securing the buds in your ears when you are running or doing more activities.

What it sounds like?

I would say the BeatsX sounds almost like the Apple In-Ear with just the right amount of bass, don’t forget it’s Beats after all. I am pleasantly surprised as I was saying at the beginning of the review, I was expecting the Beats to have heavy bass. But finally, we have a well-balanced pair of headphones. The treble is not muffled and clear. The medium is not very well reproduce especially on the very end of the spectrum and I think it’s due to the fact the bass has a larger scene but it’s not bad at all. For me, the bass would need to be just a little bit less powerful maybe something like 1% but some people would say I’m splitting hairs. In my opinion for a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones and for $150, you have a very good sound quality.

Final thoughts

The BeatsX is far more convenient than any another solution. No problem to fit them in my ears, no need to use an ugly and easy to loose adaptor, and no compromise like when you’re using the Sharkk Lightning Headphones, you have the remote almost on the right place and with a microphone!


The cherry on the cake, its wireless with a good battery life and it sounds great.

I would love Apple used less plastic on the earbuds and use aluminium instead and add the possibility to pause the music when you remove one earbud but as we use to say in French “You can’t have the butter, the money from it and the dairywoman’s ass” the English equivalent is “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”.

Oh and I forgot when you buy a BeatsX you have a coupon for 3 months of free Apple Music that you can convert if you don’t use Apple Music in money you can spend on iTunes and AppStore -something like $30.