Today, I’m gonna talk about this new gadget that breaks in the trending topics in your social networks. A lot of YouTuber made videos about it! It’s the Hand Spinner also called Fidget (Finger+Gadget). It’s been now 1 month since I heard of it and last week I ordered it on Amazon and I received it yesterday.

Hand spinner packaging

As far as I can remember I always needed to do something with my hands and at school, I was this kid who was playing with his 4 colors BIC pen and made it click until the teacher asked me to stop. But it wasn’t on purpose. Then in high school, I mastered the technique to make the pen spins around my thumb and still now at work I unconsciously do it.  And that’s why I came to buy this object.

What is it?

The Hand Spinner is the perfect object for people like me who need to do something with their hands to be more focus on their tasks. It’s also a good way to unwind when you have a lot of things in the head. You launch it and it spins for almost 2 minutes during those 2 minutes you just look at it and listen to it. Sometimes you have the feeling it changes the way it spins but it’s due to the stroboscopic effect like when you’re watching car wheels it’s the same cool effect! As I like to say it’s useless so it’s a must have!

So how does it work?

It’s pretty simple, in the center of the plastic object there is a ball-bearing hidden by a removable cap. You may prefer to keep it in place especially if you have it in your pocket because it could catch all the dust and nastiness of your pocket. Then at the end of the 3 arms, there is another ball-bearing. Those 3 ball-bearings are covered by a black plastic sleeve and equality spaced from the center and have the same weight. It’s very important because it’s the reason why it spins so well and for a long time and it stays balanced. You can check by removing one of the 3 ball-bearings and you will observe the Hand Spinner starts to vibrate and can’t be balanced on your finger anymore.

Hand spinner

Where to find it?

You can find different Hand Spinner with different shapes, colors, and materials and with different prices. I would recommend to stay away from the cheaper ones made by 3D printing and also from the more expensive one. Find something between $5 to $10 and you’re good to go.

Here the link where you can buy it Amazon FR Amazon US

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