Imagine last week you scanned three documents of 120+ pages and forgot to choose .pdf and check “combine into one file” and after scanning them you got rid of the documents. Now you have tons of jpeg files and you need to email them in one .pdf each. Don’t worry you won’t have to click all around Preview to combine them. I’ll give you two tricks choose the one that is more convenient for you.

JPEG files to PDF

This one is in the case you just want to combine only one document.

1. Open Automator on your Mac.Automator jpg to pdf 01

2. Click File-> New
In “Choose a type for you document” select Services.
Automator jpg to pdf 023. Set the drop-down menu: Service receives selected: “image files” in “Finder”Automator jpg to pdf 034. On the left side of the window click “PDFs” in the 1st column, then in the 2nd double click on “New PDF from Images“. I recommend you to let the setting as they are since they seem to work well for all the document I did so far.
Automator jpg to pdf 045. Save your workflow by doing File->Save and call it “Convert to PDF”.

6. Go to the jpeg you want to combine select them all and right click on them and hit “Convert to PDF” Automator jpg to pdf 057. That’s it enjoy!

Here the download link for the workflow ready to be install and the full tutorial in a video for people who want to do it by themselves.

Folders to PDF

Now you start to understand how Automator is working we’re going to create a more advanced and powerful Automator Service. This one will be able to convert several folders filled with images into PDFs that will be named after the original folder and saved inside those folders. It’s very handful if like me you scanned your comic books and want to combine all the pages in one document.
For example:

Folder 001->Img001.jpg, Img002.jpg, Img003.jpg, Img004.jpg ==> Folder 001.pdf
Folder 002->Img001.jpg, Img002.jpg, Img003.jpg, Img004.jpg ==> Folder 002.pdf
Folder 003->Img001.jpg, Img002.jpg, Img003.jpg, Img004.jpg ==> Folder 003.pdf

1. Install “Dispense Item Incrementally” from here. It might tell you the installer is from a not trusted developer and you’ll have to authorize the installer to be launch in System Preferences.

2. As before Open Automator on your Mac and Click File-> New
In “Choose a type for you document” select Services.

3. Be careful this time you need to set the dropdown menu differently: Service receives selected: “folders” in “Finder” or it won’t work at all!

4. Then just add all the actions you see in the screenshot bellow by looking for them in the left part of your screen and dragging them to the right side. Respect the order.
For the last action set “Stop After” to “100 Times”. This means you’ll be able to batch convert only 100 folders at a time. I think it’s well enough.

Workflow 01 Workflow 02

5. Save your workflow by doing File->Save and call it “Folder to PDF”.

6. Go to the folders you want to convert into PDF select them all and right click on them and hit “Folder to PDF”.

Folder to PDF

7. Attention! Sometimes the service might make a mistake in naming a pdf, its name will look like “Folder 001.pdf?Folder 001.pdf”. At the moment I’m writing these lines I still don’t know how to fix it but I’m investigating. For now, just check your generated pdf names.

Here the download link for the workflow ready to be install, you still have to install “Dispense Item Incrementally” from step 1.

Tell me if this tutorial was helpful and if you find how to fix the naming bug let me know in the comment section.