Everybody knows how to share an iPhone or iPad connection with other devices by enabling the Personal Hotspot option. But do you know you can share your Mac Internet connection just like you do with your iPhone?

This feature was added by Apple in macOS 10.12.4 and nobody noticed it besides a French blogger Pierre Dandumont.

To enable this feature you need to connect your iPhone to your Mac with a lighting cable and go to System Preferences then Sharing. Select Internet Sharing, on the right side in Share your connection from, choose which connection you want to share (WiFi or Ethernet). Just under, in the list, check iPhone USB. And finally, don’t forget to check Internet Sharing on the left side of the window.Internet Sharing MacOSTo check if it works, turn on the Airplane mode on you iPhone or iPad and use Safari.

To turn off the Internet Sharing go back to the Sharing menu on your Mac and deselect Internet Sharing and disconnect your iPhone or iPad.

You need to know when you’re using you Mac connection, your iPhone won’t be able to use some features that use the WiFi such as AirDrop, Continuity etc…