When I’m talking with some of my friends about cocktails and drinks there is one thing that often comes in the discussion and it’s “But isn’t it expensive to craft cocktails? You have to buy a lot of booze and tools?”

I would say yes and no. I depend on your tastes and on what you wanna make. Bartending is a hobby and like all hobbies, it has a price. Today we are starting a new series of post about bartending to address all the questions you might have and to give you some tips to start your home-bar.

The first things you need are the right tools for crafting cocktail. Personally, I didn’t buy everything at once. It was more a question of needs as I improve my skills in bartending and I discovered news cocktail recipes. Here the 5 tools you should have in order of importance


ShakerA shaker is really a must have, it allows you to do many things. The most obvious one is to combine and shake your ingredients. Then you can also use it to muddle your ingredients. I prefer to use a shaker for that because by doing in in a glass you can scratch its bottom or even break it if you do it too vigorously. A shaker is also useful because it allows you to pass your cocktail throughout its opening and make a first filtering. My shaker was given to me by my colleague bartender where I worked for the first time as a bartender. It might not be the best shaker but it has some sentimental value and I would never use another one for my home-bar.



The strainer is something you often use when you’re making a cocktail. From retaining ice shards after shaking your cocktail in your shaker, to retain pieces of muddled fruits or piece of mint leaves. It can also be used when you doing infused rum for the same reasons. I opted for a reusable plastic coffee filter because I’m doing a lot of infused rum and you need a retain fine particle when doing it.



This one is particularly used for mojitos. Of course, you can use a potato crusher or a big spoon to muddle your fruits but the results are not the same. And it’s much easier to do it with the right tool.

Bottle Pourers / Spouts

Bottle pourers

Bottle pourers are essential when it comes to bartending and even more if you’re working as a bartender since it allows you to have a consistent pouring and avoid over-pouring and wasting booze. I advice you to have a least 5 or 6 bottle pourers but all the same. They need to be the same pouring speed in order to pour the same amount of booze regardless of the one you are using. Here the links for the bottle pourers I’m using if you can’t find some in you local shop and want the same cheap one AmazonFR AmazonUS .


Bar spoon

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is also a useful tool to mix your cocktails it does almost the same job as a shaker but it has some differences we’re going to talk about later in another post. The other reason you need one is also it makes it easier to create layered cocktails. By pouring the booze or soft-drink on its spinning handle it makes the liquid coming on top of the other liquid layer slower and prevent them from mixing together – if they obviously have a different density.

That’s it for today don’t miss the next post next week of this series about how to start your home-bar.