Recently my old Philips trimmer bought in 2007 gave up on me and I had to find a replacement for it. The requirements for my new trimmer was: working on 220V and 110V, being able to trim my beard, and cut my nose hairs, having a precision tool, a shaving tool and above all a compact charging station.

Rowenta Trim & Style 7 in 1

Rowenta Trim & Style 7 en 1

For 1 year I was already looking for a new trimmer so when my old Philips trimmer died I knew what was the product available. And I choose the Rowenta Trim & Style 7 in 1 (AmazonFR) also known as Rowenta TN-9130 on Amazon UK -not available on Amazon US.

I have this trimmer since April 2017 I got it for €49,99 and I have to say it’s a good product and a good deal.

It’s waterproof and can be used in the shower obviously unplugged from the electrical outlet.

It takes up to 8 hours to charge the NiMH battery of your Rowenta trimmer for 1 hour of battery life. I would like the LED that indicates the trimmer is charging to turn green when the battery is fully charged instead of being always red but at least it’s a NiMH battery that means there is no memory effect and the battery doesn’t die prematurely. Traveling in the US or in Europe frequently is no more a problem, the charger can handle 220V and 110V you will still be able to groom your beard. You can choose to charge the trimmer by plugging it and leaving it on the bathroom sink or if you want -and I recommend you to do so, you can use the charging station. You just have to pass the cord through the notch and put the connector inside the little hole of the charging station and secure the whole thing with the screw on little plastic stop.

Rowenta Trim & Style AC Cord

I really appreciate the compact charging station. It measures 12,8 cm long and 10,5 cm wide. There are 6 compartments, one where you plug your trimmer to charge it and 5 where you can store all the little accessories which are:

  • 32mm Beard Trimmer, you can add the adjustable beard comb and it gives you the possibility to trim your beard with 5 different cutting lengths 3-4-5-6-7mm and when you use the precision switch you have the in between lengths 2,5-3,5-4,5-5,5-6,5. My only rebuke to the adjustable beard comb is that it’s too easy to change the settings by mistake. If you push too hard on your trimmer while using it the setting on the adjustable beard comb might change. Also, some people on the internet said that another beard comb would be nice for longer beards.
    When you remove the comb you can get clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard.
  • A nose and ear trimmer, it cuts the hairs without pulling them so it’s painless when your cut your nose hairs.
  • A 25 mm Mini-Shaver. You can use it to shave the hairs outside your beard lines. On your cheeks, it works great but for the neck, it’s not doing a very good job I found more useful to use a Gilette razor, it gives a better finish where the mini-shaver leaves short hairs in the neck.
  • A 37mm bodyshaver, very useful to shave your body. It has two timers, one on both sides in order to cut hairs to cut hairs either you go up or you go down. In the middle it ass a mini shaver to finish the job.
  • A 7mm Precision trimmer, the perfect little tool you need to cut hairs around the mouth and nose and also to trim the limit of your beard when the hairs grow back. Be careful when you remove this accessory from the trimmer because if you put too much pressure on the shaving head you might break it -I almost broke it the first time I used it!

Rowenta Trim & Style 7 en 1 Accessoties

To change from a shaving accessory to another one to need disable the switch off the precision switch if it’s turn on and to push hard away from you the shaving accessory. Also to clean it you can pass it under water, it’s waterproof so don’t worry!

In the package, you’ll also find a little flask of oil to lubricate your shaving accessories and make them last longer. And there is also a little brush to clean the shaving heads but for me, it’s too small and I have a hard time to use it. So I kept the one of my old Philips trimmer. I would appreciate if Rowenta also included a comb just like Philips did with my old trimmer.

The positive points of this trimmer:

  • Good quality/price ratio.
  • A good variety of useful shaving accessories.
  • The trimmer is light and very handy.
  • One of the rarest to have a compact charging station.
  • Waterproof
  • 1-hour battery life

The negative points of this trimmer:

  • At first, it’s not very easy to put it in charge in the charging station.
  • The instruction manual is not helpful at all and it looks like a giant map. I would like a book shape manual with at least explanations for how to use the different shaving tools.
  • You can’t use it while charging it. I think it’s due to the fact it’s waterproof and to prevent people to be electrocuted.
  • I would love Rowenta to give us a little pouch to make it easier to travel with.
  • The locking mechanism of the shaving accessories feels fragile -time will tell us if so.

On Amazon, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars.

Along with the Rowenta Trim & Style 7 in 1 I’m also using 3 other tools:

IQUY 2 in 1 Barber Apron & Beard Shaper

In this kit, there are 2 tools. The first one is something I wanted for a long time now. It’s a barber apron that has 2 suction cups you stick to the wall in front of you and it allows you to collect all the hairs you cut like this to don’t spread your hairs all over your bathroom and you keep it clean. When you’re done you just have to clean your trimmer and shake the apron outside and fold it back into its pouch.

IQUY 2 en 1 Barbe Pochoir & Barbe Tablier 002

With this apron came a nifty beard shaper. It’s a tool to design and shape a variety of beard styles. It makes it easy to create symmetry and perfect top lines and neck lines. The two accessories are sold together as a kit it’s the “IQUY 2 in 1” and it costs €16,99.

Beard Brush

And the final tool for a perfect finish is my beard brush. Made out of oak wood and wild boar hairs. It has a nice metallic box to store it. It costs €15,90.

Beard brush kit