The app arrangement on my iPhone is pretty simple. First I wanted to have all my apps on only one Springboard page. Then each line is theme based. Then, each line starts with one folder that matches this theme -or kind of you’ll see. And finally, in those folders, I store the apps I less use.

Springboard 1

1st line is Network apps.

In the folder there are:

  • Instagram: Great to share photos with the world and easy to discover new things with the hashtags.
  • Waze: Not the best GPS app but useful to avoid bottlenecks.
  • FaceTime: I use FaceTime but with the Phone App.
  • DS Get: Download manager for my Synology DS115.
  • DS File: File manager for my Synology DS115.
  • Sonarr: Shortcut to access Sonarr a DVR application running on my Synology DS115.
  • Transmission: Shortcut to access Transmission -a torrent client, and follow the downloads of my Linux distributions.
  • Snapchat: Only because I have some friends who don’t have iMessage.Network folder

Next to this folder, there are:

  • Messages: The best message App ever! I wish Apple made it open to other smartphones as they said when they introduced it.
  • 9GAG: Because 9GAG it’s life! How could you live without it! It makes me laugh every single time I use it.
  • Tweetbot: I hate their policy about updates because they made you pay for every major update. But I have to recognize it’s a good Twitter client without any ads at all.

2nd line is Media apps -but not really.

In the folder there are:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Infuse: App that I use to play movies when I’m traveling. It can play almost every video and audio codecs.

With these 3 VOD Apps I recreated what I consider the best TV/Cable alternative. I hate TV and thanks to these 3 VOD services I can still watch shows and movies without having to deals with ads and all the other annoying things you have to deal with when you’re watching TV.Media folder

Next to this folder, there are:

  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Note

No need to explain what they’re for it’s self-explanatory.

3rd line is Settings apps.

In the folder there are:

  • 1Password: The best password manager I bought it before it was free so I have a lifetime premium account.
  • Espace Client: It’s the app that allows me to manage my cellular plan.
  • Speedtest: To test my 4G and WiFi
  • Find iPhone: Everyone should have this app on his iPhone/iPad. Very useful when you loose you iDevice.
  • Purify: It’s an iOS adblocker, I strongly recommend using it. Speaking of adblocker I don’t mind if you use it on FrancisUnivers. I’ll explain my position about ads and adblocker in another post.
  • TestFlight: To beta test some apps.
  • iCloud Drive: To access from anywhere the Numbers file where I keep the cocktail recipes I love.
  • Sensorly: Another app to test my 4G and WiFi.Settings Folder

Next to this folder, there are:

  • Settings
  • App Store
  • Calculator

4th line is a mix of Games, Photos and Dictionaries apps.

In the folder there are the 4 games I play:

  • Alto: Great games when you’re in the waiting room at the Doctor office.
  • Trism: It’s the oldest games I ever played on iPhone. It was with me since I had the iPhone 3G. It’s a mix of Tetris and Puissance 4 .
  • Microsoft Solitaire: The original Solitaire game from Microsoft.Games folder

Next to this folder, there are:

  • Camera
  • Photos
  • A folder with 3 dictionaries: Larousse French-English, WordReference it’s the best collaborative dictionaries, and a French dictionary for the conjugations because I suck at it!

5th line is Tools apps.

In the folder there are a lot of apps:

  • Weather
  • CAF Account: Family Allowance Funds app.
  • Maps
  • Reminders
  • Numbers
  • E.Leclerc: A supermarket app.
  • Hue: It’s the new version of the Philips Hue App.
  • DreamScreen: I’ll talk to you about this one later. Basically, it allows me to control the backlights of my TV screen.
  • Amazon
  • Converter: A very useful measurements converter that I use a lot and even more when I’m in the US.
  • Compas
  • iConnectHue: Another app to control my Philips Hue lights.
  • ProCamera: An app to take photos with more advanced features and settings
  • ProCam: another camera app.
  • Hue: It’s the old version of the Philips Hue App.
  • MonMagasinU: Another supermarket app -I may uninstall it since I don’t go there anymore.
  • mCasino: Another supermarket app
  • GIF Keyboard: A great app that allows you to send GIF in your iMessages and SMS
  • Air France: Because I live on an island and they are the only one with Air Corsica -who is a daughter company of Air France, to operate flights during all the year.
  • Stocks
  • Skyscanner: To find the cheapest flight to travelTools folder

Next to this folder, there are:

  • Banxo: App to manage my bank accounts
  • Eurosport: Before I was using “L’Équipe” but they decided we have to pay to read their 💩 articles. With Eurosport, I can follow a lot more sports and teams. They are very fast to post articles and keep up with the scores. And they don’t screw with the notifications unlike “L’Équipe”!
  • Shazam: Because I never know the name of the songs that are playing on the radio.

And the final 6th line is Health-related apps -but not really.

In the folder there are:

  • Health
  • Strava: I use it to know the distance I biked
  • Withings: To keep up with my weight
  • MyFitnessPal: To keep track of what I’m eating
  • A Webclip to synch Strava and Runkeeper
  • Simple Habit: To meditate

To be honest with you I kinda give up on this category for 1 year 😅Health folder

Next to this folder, there are:

  • Pillow: To track my sleep
  • Wallet
  • Parcel: To track my shipments

That’s (not) All Folks!

Before I told you I want to have only one Springboard page on my iPhone but it’s not really true.
This second page is what I consider my “Home-automation” page. Where there are:

  • LiveboxPhone: To use my landline phone -I sometimes use it when there is no cellular network on my iPhone at home.
  • Allergy Tracker: Because it’s almost essential for me to know the alert level of pollens.
  • tado°: The app controls Tado° SmartAC that control and automates my AC.
  •  Home: The automation brain of my apartment.Springboard 2

And in the iPhone Dock there are:

  • Phone
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Music

It’s almost the same springboard I have for over 5 years now, so don’t expect an update soon on this topic 😂