It’s been one month now that RIAA closed the world’s largest audio-ripping website also known as The website was very useful because it was able to extract any audio track from any YouTube videos. Today I’m giving you the alternatives I found.

YouTube MP3

My Solution was mostly used to download music illegally. And because of this, the RIAA took down this great tool. Personally, I was using it for musics I wasn’t able to buy because they were not available to buy. The death of wasn’t a huge loose since I’m buying all my music from Qobuz in Hi-Res. But for some rare exceptions, I need a tool to do what was offering. And here is the website I sometimes use: is as simple as was just, copy and past the YouTube link and click Download MP3. In addition to being easy to use the website is also very quick at extracting the audio.

Other Solutions

I also found other websites who are doing the same job. Try them and see if they pleased you. But don’t forget don’t use these websites to pirate music, only use them to extract music without copyright on it!


Once again don’t use those websites to do illegal stuff I can’t be responsible for what you gonna make with them.

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Edit 23.10.2017: Today I used and I realized that without an Adblocker the website is full of adult ads. So I don’t recommend using it. Instead, use the two last solutions there are free of ads 😉 Sorry for the inconvenience!