Today I’ll show you how to rip your DVD or BluRay discs on your Mac to have a digital copy playable on your computer or in Infuse on your AppleTV. This is very interesting if like me you don’t have any DVD or BluRay player.

First thing to do, is to get a BluRay or DVD drive for your Mac. If you have an old Mac you can skip this step. And obviously the DVD or BluRay of the TV Show or movie you want to copy.

Ripping the Disc on Your Mac

Download the app MakeMKV

MakeMKV is free while in beta and here is the current beta key to unlock it after 30days.


You can also purchase a full activation key for 60€ here.

Open MakeMKV and click on Open files and select your DVD or BluRay disk and let MakeMKV analyses the disc.

Now, on the left side of the window, you see a list of titles. Typically the first title or the larger one is your movie or for TV Shows all the episodes in one file.

In the case of a TV Show disc, you may want to create one file for each episode. In this case, you need to select the smaller titles.

Then, open the title you checked and select the languages and the subtitles you want to copy. It will also automatically copy the chapters.

Choose where MakeMKV will copy your disc and click on Make MKV. In a couple of seconds you have a mkv file with your movie or episodes. You may have noticed the file takes a lot of space on your drive. The reason is MakeMKV does not compress the video. It just copies the video, audio tracks, subtitles and chapters in one mkv file.

Compressing the Video

If you want to compress the video you can use another app such as Handbrake or iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe with a user interface more user-friendly.

For iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe use the 5.7.3 version. The last update brings a new user interface that I think is a bit messy.

If you decide to use iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe you can’t keep more than one audio track and can’t keep the subtitles nor chapters.
To solve this you’ll need to process your file twice if you want to keep 2 audio tracks.
You will end up with 3 mkv:
– The first one from MakeMKV with video, audio tracks, and chapters but not compressed
– The second one with compressed video and AudioTrackA from iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe
– The third one with compressed video and AudioTrackB from iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe.

Multiplexing Your Files to Get the Perfect mkv

Now you need to combine the 3 mkv. To do this you need another app called MKVToolNix

If you want to rename the chapters let’s say to have chapter 1 being S01E01, chapter 2 S01E02, ext… open MKVToolNix on the left side of the windows go to Chapters editor. Select mkv1 and edit them. Don’t forget to save changes (renaming chapters is not necessary it only depends on you).

Now go back to Multiplexer. Drag and drop mkv1 in MKVToolNix. Deselect the video track, the 2 audios tracks, and keep the subtitles and the chapters. Don’t forget to name your subtitle tracks on the left side of the windows (eg: English Subtitles, French Subtitles) and set the language of the track.

Then drag and drop mkv2 in MKVToolNix. Select the video and audio tracks. Don’t forget to name your audio tracks on the left side of the windows (eg: English, French) and set the language of the tracks.

Then, drag and drop mkv3 in MKVToolNix. Deselect the video and select the audio tracks. Don’t forget to name your audio tracks on the left side of the windows (eg: English, French) and set the language of the tracks.

Last but not least don’t forget to set the “Default Track” flag for the audio track you want to be played by default and do the same for the subtitles. If you don’t want a default subtitle track select no for all your subtitle tracks.

Finally, click Start Multiplexing and wait for MKVToolNix to do its job.

Now, you know how to rip and compress you DVD and BluRay discs.

Just a little reminder you can only copy discs you own and only for your own use. I need to remind you there are copyright laws and you’re the only responsible for the use you’ll do with the copies you’ll make. I can’t be responsible for what you’ll do or what will happen to you if you illegally share those copies.

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