The developers behind Google Chrome are doing a great job keeping it up to date with the last technologies and keep adding new features that make it the best web browser, but sometimes you might find that some features are missing and what makes its force is its store where you can find a multitude of extensions. But this library is so huge that sometimes it’s hard to find the right extension. So with this list, you’ll find the best extensions I’m aware of.




Grammarly is an extension I discovered in 2017. It will track any typos, grammar or spelling mistakes you might do when writing. For the moment it only works in English but more languages may be added in the future. This extension is very handy if like me you have dysorthographia. It will reduce the number of mistakes you’re writing.

Bookmarks Menu

Bookmarks Menu will help you keeping your Bookmarks organized and within easy reach. When I switched from Firefox to Google Chrome, one big feature was missing and it’s an easy and quick way to access and organize my bookmarks. There is no drop-down menu displaying your bookmarks in Google Chrome by default. With this extension, the feature is now available.




1Password is the best password manager you can use. I bought it a long time ago when there was no monthly subscription. It allows you to create strong passwords, store them and access them in a very secure way. Also, it synchronizes them across all your devices. With 1Password you can also safely store software serial number, credit card information, and even save your ID card in it.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is the best ad blocker you can find. It’s light in memory consumption. It’s free, customisable, and open-source. This extension will more than a simple ad blocker is also a tool that will protect your privacy across the web by blocking malware and unsafe websites.

HTTPS Everywhere

Developed by the collaboration between The Tor Project and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that forces the use of HTTPS when available on websites your visiting. It will provide a more secure way to browse the internet.


Ghostery is tho use in addition to uBlock Origin. Ghostery will protect you from tracking technologies and add an extra layer of protection concerning ad tracking and ad blocking. It’s a very powerful tool. That sometimes might block you when visiting a safe website because one script is badly implemented on the website. My advice is to disable it when browsing governmental, bank, and other safe websites.



Backspace to go Back

Backspace to go Back will restore browser behavior of navigation to the previous page when pressing the Backspace key. I don’t why but Google didn’t add this old feature and it’s something that I really missed.

Empty New Tab Page

With Empty New Tab Page, new tabs display a blank page instead of the usual new tab page with thumbnails. The thumbnails are way too intrusive in private life and I don’t want my guest to know what I’m doing on the web and be aware of my private life.

History Eliminator

History ELiminator, a Spanish Extension is with Empty New Tab Page a must have when it comes to protecting your privacy from others. It will automatically erase all your history when you close Google Chrome.

Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer for Facebook lets you filter your news feed, hide things you don’t want to see and customize your FB experience. It will help you block topics such as spoiler of the last Star Wars movie or this annoying friend who speaks too often about politics, religion or its dietary habits!


Traktflix will sync your Netflix history with the service that allows you to sync your movies and shows watching progress all over your compatible app and devices. is also handy to display charts and statistics about your watching habits and help you discover new contents.

I hope you found new interesting Google Chrome extensions. If you are using other extensions that bring handy features share them in the comment section or via the contact form and explain why you like them.

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