Yesterday I had to transfer two videos to my iPhone from my MacBook Pro. But I didn’t have any lightning cable around me and the option “Sync with this [device] over Wi-Fi” is not enabled on my iPhone. I tried something I didn’t know could work and I thought let’s share it, it might help someone.

The two videos I wanted to transfer were .mkv files to play them with Infuse. Without lightning cable, I had only one solution, it was to use a wireless solution. Sending them to myself by email wasn’t possible because the files were too big. So I thought let’s try AirDrop.

What is AirDrop?

AirDrop is an iOS/macOS functionality introduced in Mac OS X Lion (10.7) and iOS 7. It enables the transfer of files between Mac and iOS devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, without using mail or any kind of third physical device. It is one a features most people don’t know about because Apple doesn’t talk a lot about it and the name is not self-explanatory, and also because usually when people want to share a photo or a video they just use iMessage. But it’s way faster and cooler to use AirDrop and above all, it was design for this use. Also, AirDrop can be used to transfer a lot of things such as bookmarks, grocery list, contact’s info, a note, etc…

How Is It Working?

⚠️ You need to have installed Infuse on your iPhone/iPad to read mkv files or any other videos that are not .mov or .mp4 files.

  1. Turn AirDrop ON on both devices.
    On iOS:
    Summon the Control Center > ForceTouch the Connectivity widget > Enable AirDrop> Choose Contact Only or Everyone
    AirDrop 03

    On macOS:

    Well, normally it’s supposed to be already enabled if not:
    Open a new Finder window > Click AirDrop on the Side Panel > On the left side click Allow me to be discovered by: Contact Only or EveryoneAirDrop 04
  2. To send a video right click on the video > Share > AirDrop > Choose your device

AirDrop 05

AirDrop 06

The video will automatically go in Infuse and starts to play. If you don’t want to start watching it now, you can pause it and close Infuse.

Using AirDrop is faster than using the lightning cable and as you can see it’s easy. Sometimes if you can’t find your device it might be because your iDevice is locked, just unlocked it and it should work. If it’s still not working check you have your Bluetooth and WiFi enabled on both devices and you are on the same WiFi network and they are close by.

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