What if I told you I found a trick to play YouTube videos in the background or from the lockscreen and for free? What? You’re thinking I’m lying? Well, I’m gonna tell you my secret, but shhh it’s secret! 😉

Forget the YouTube app you won’t be able to do anything from here unless you have a YouTube Red subscription. Also, forget all kind of third-party YouTube app. The only thing you’ll need is the Safari app.

  1. Open Safari and go to YouTube
  2. Long press the refresh icon and choose Request Desktop Site
    YouTube Background Audio 01
  3. Play the video you want to listen to, and turn off your screen, now from the lockscreen you can press play and listen to your video. YouTube Background Audio 02

If it doesn’t play the audio right up, go to the control center and press play to listen. It also works while you are in another app. Sometimes the audio takes 5seconds to load.

YouTube Background Audio 03

That’s it! Now you can play YouTube videos in the background or from the lockscreen.

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